The Gravity Mage

by Mechanical Fox

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In the year 3064 the Byro Nation rules with a robotic fist and free expression is limited and false information about reality is spread into the national cinemas encouraging the citizens to elect cybernetic upgrades to their bodies , one such upgrade is given to the elite group of terrorist tactic enforcement known as the thought patrol who seek out the rebels by sensing happiness and imagination waves. This group of rebels so named the Cinema Raiders for their bombings of propaganda centers that spread the word of cyber upgrades to the uneducated populous.

The Gravity Mage is the name of the prophecy of the kelmarian priesthood that tells of one who can read the ancient scrolls of time and invoke the cosmic entity known as the Xpavo and summon his power to save humanity from the digital oppression.
The rebels have been searching for the chosen one and found a boy named Max who passed all the tests and was raised to be humanities savior, the still unknown scrolls needed to be discovered and were so found with the help of another.


released December 19, 2014

All instruments and voices by Justin Wohlfeil
except drums on Photon Fists and Byro Railway by Adam Greenawalt
and guitar on Photon Fists by Matt Entrekin

Produced,Recorded,Mixed,and Mastered by Justin Wohlfeil at
THE PLANETARIUM Lancaster PA June -November 2014

Art Design by Michael Ford at



all rights reserved


Mechanical Fox Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Cinema Raiders
Cellophane style in the neon lights
Cinema raiders keep in time
Losing my mouth yeah I lose my mind
Cinema raiders keeping time alive
Cellophane wisdom in my mind
I say it's alright
Hopes and dreams it's irrelevant to me, I say it's alright
Track Name: Meanwhile in Byro City
Hours taking minutes and the clock stops clock stops
Television static got my tubes all charged up, and the corporation mercenaries marching marching
As the skeletons begin to pile up inside the darkness
And we, Rebels are the only ones
Brave enough , to fight and now the war has began
At last, it must be said its a gas
Life ain't easy, when love isn't all you need.
Track Name: The Thought Patrol
Run! Run faster, before the thought patrol pull out their blasters
Cause I already know how to defeat them.
Retrieve the ancient scrolls and then I'll read them.
Each and every day
The citizens begin to plot the coup of you know who
Track Name: The Guardian Oracle
Fast and bold to places yet unknown
We hunt down the relics of time and space, harvest their magical powers
The oracle from 500 years ago
A robotic man with a mark on his hand, his number is 25
In the year 3064 the robot aliens came down in hoards
There's nothing we can do
But pray for war, pray for war, prepare for war
Track Name: The Scrolls of Time
Come a long way and by all counts I got a long way to go
Come a long way from miles away from the scars and the robotic enemies sealed with magic
Been a good boy I saved your souls from mechanized hoards of doom
Recite the word on ancient scrolls now I fly and my enemies flee from me sealed with magic
Total warning theres no time theres really no time at all
Track Name: Photon Fists
Stimulate yourself and let your feet undone. Generate a groove and synthesize the sun
Regenerate the beat deploy the soldiers of rock the cavalry is me I'm like a machine gun
So step to this and show me what you're working with
I just wanna boom boom
I'll blow you to bits with my photon fists it's just something that I cannot resist , I just wanna boom boom
I'll blow you to bits
Prophecy of time is coming true at last. Inherit psychic energies revealed in the past.
Kinetically engaged and supernaturally blessed, and when I'm through with you I'm coming for all the rest
So step to this and show me what you're working with
I just wanna boom boom
I'll blow you to bits with my photon fists it's just something that I cannot resist , I just wanna boom boom
I'll blow you to bits
Track Name: Invisible Minds
We have won the day, enemies have run away
Byros are all dead, retribution retribution
They, they don't see, invisible minds, explode serene.
They, they don't know, invisible minds , they steal the show
Track Name: Television, Roses and Time
You can find your way out of your own fucking shopping mall and
Television roses and time
Bleed your way out
You can bleed your way into something
Television lost track of time
Oh television lost track of time
Oh television roses and time